Postcards, Thursday 4/6

 From Finland.

 Fern pattern, from France.

 Jiufen, Taipei. From Taiwan.

 Wonderful Sierra Club, from a friend in the US.

 Ramparts Promenade, Jerusalem. From Israel. Taped on the back is an Israeli coin.

 My favorite in this post. Austrian Fashion in Helsinki 1962. From Finland.

 Fishing Village, from Malta.

Metro map, from China.

 From Taiwan.

 Views of Vienna, from Austria, but mailed from Germany.

 Nice multi-view card, from Spain.

 Art by Ando Hiroshige, from Belgium. "Suruga-cho (9/1958)"

 Adorable cat and her 5 kittens, from Russia.

Movie card from a friend in the US.
Last, but not least, a homemade card from Netherlands. It's got raised areas, made of many pieces. She also sent me a couple of other cards she made. These are folded cards, which I usually don't like. But her work is really impressive, and I appreciate the time she put into making these gems.

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