Postcards, Thursday 4/6

 From a friend in the US. She loves horses, and I'm surprised she hasn't sent more horse cards!

 From France. The painting is by Saülo Mercader, the sender's husband.

 Homemade card, from Singapore.

 Map card from Germany.

 From Belgium, a map of that country.

 My favorite in this post.From Germany.

 From the US, a wonderful map card of a small part of New York.

 Cute card from Belarus.

 Nice art card from US.

 A card from my sister! From the US.

 Nice floral arrangement, from Germany.

 Movie card, from a friend in the US.

 Beautiful art card, from Russia.

 Vintage map, from 1775. From France.

Ancient map, from Russia. Both of these old map images arrived on the same day.

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