Postcards Saturday 10/4

VERY behind! I may try to put up a few posts this weekend.

 Drawing card, from China.

 Pretty window card, from a friend in the US.

 My favorite today. Love old designs like this! From a friend here in the US.

 Nice scene from Netherlands.

 From Belarus.

 Nice art card from Japan.

 From Indonesia. Nice view, very tranquil.

 Black mark from the post office, but nice card from Russia.

 From China, a recipe card.

 Florida Holocaust Museum, from US.

 Art card, from Bulgaria.

 Pretty view from China.

 Basket of yarn from Russia.

From Russia, State Russian Museum and statue of Alexander Puskin.

1 comment:

Randine said...

Love so many today! Especially the pelican. Hee hee!

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