Postcards, part 2. Saturday 10/4

 Nice map card from Slovenia.

 Nice old design from Germany.

 From South Africa, an older card of Malaysia.

 Multiview card, from Russia.

 Drawing card, from Singapore.

 Sea turtle, from Russia.

 This card has a matte shine to it."Never Never Land", by Jean & Ron Henry. From Finland.

 Cat card, from Taiwan.

 From a friend in the US, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

 Winter scene from China.

 From US, Dinosaur National Monument, in Utah.

 From a friend in the US. Reminds me of small towns in SD and WY.

A favorite in this post, from China.

1 comment:

Randine said...

I LOVE the Never Never Land card! The Winter in China card is beautiful and hey, that LACMA card is outstanding!!!

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