Postcards, Friday 9/5

One day back to work, now a 3-day weekend. LOVE IT!!

The first 3 cards are ones I forget where they came from. They've been in my file for months, and the cards have been filed away.

 This one may have come from China or Taiwan.

 I think this one was from Russia or Ukraine.

 I believe this home-made card came from Finland.

 3-D card from Japan.

 From Poland, a sunset card.

 From Taiwan, Tsoying Lunghu Pagodas.

 From Finland, a crane.

 Nice multiview card, from Belarus.

 From Maylasia, a view of Old Quarter in Hanoi.

 Night view, from Germany.

 From US, Kintersburg Covered Bridge.

 From US,"Fairy Castle" doll house. At the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.

 Old fashion style card, from Finland.

 From US, a view in Sequoia National Park.

 Lovely view from Russia.

 From Belgium.

A favorite today. From Czech Republic, a view of a street in Jablonec in 1913.

1 comment:

Randine said...

I'm crazy about pagodas so the one from Taiwan is my favorite in this batch.

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