Postcards, Wednesday, 9/3

Back from vacation. Work tomorrow, then a 3-day weekend. I love taking a road trip, then having 5 days to relax at home. Good thing I only work one day this week!

 From my friend in Arizona.

 Nice lion card, from South Africa.

 A French card, from South Korea.

 From Netherlands, Sutton Hoo Buckle, from the 7th century.

 From Belgium, a Bungalow Park.

 Multiview card from Netherlands.

 Map card, from US.

 Nice card from Germany.

 A favorite today, from Russia. "The Orange Time", by Maria Galybina.

 Nice map card from Switzerland.

 Old railway line, from Germany.

 From Switzerland, a great picture of The Matterhorn.

 Got 2 in the series in one week! This one comes from California, in the US.

Anf this is from Virginia, in the US.

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