Postcards, Tuesday 8/12

Day off work, trying to get caught up on a few things today. Stuff keeps piling up!!

 Multiview card from Germany.

 Jayne Mansfield, from Netherlands.

 Limoges, from France.

 Little Mole, from Germany.

 From Finland, a basket of knitting.

 From Taiwan. The dog belongs to the sender. Dog was homeless, and she gave him a great home!

 Pretty card, from Ukraine.

 Pixar card, from US.

 Spiderman, from Belgium.

Fraom Australia. "The Devil's Jaw in the Grampians, Victoria.

 From Taiwan, Beatrix Potter. Today's favorite.

 Nice black & white card, from Russia.

 Mr Cook's Sweet Shop, from Great Britain.

Cartoon card, from Belarus.

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