Postcards Saturday 9/28

 The Two Old Ladies, by Inge Löök, sent from Netherlands.

 The Little Mole, from Germany.

 From Belgium. The stamp on it is great...scratch it and it smells like chocolate!

 Smiley face from Canada.

 From Germany, a view of the skyline of Melbourne Australia.

 Nice card from Russia, "The Grandma Cat".

 From Germany, Carnival Dancing Girls.

 A favorite today, from US. From the series "The Cutest Sneeze In The World".

 From Australia, a Tasmanian Devil.

 Nice bird card from China.

 A card showing Tampere, from Finland.

 Poor kitty! From Russia.

 Octoberfest card, from Germany.

This is a long card, so the far right edge is missing. That lamb is on the sheep's back. From New Zealand.

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