Postcards Wednesday 7/24

Vacation is coming up soon, so after today no new posts till after August 5th. In the meantime, remember if you're doing any shopping on Amazon, please get there through any link on my blog!! I'll get a bit of coinage. Thank you!!

 Nice view from Germany.

 From Belgium, "Round-Dance" by Mili Weber.

 Syntheri Rocks, Dandeli, from India.

 Funny card from US.

 Mountainside, from Germany.

 Christmas card, in July, from Netherlands.

 From Spain, an image from Salamanca.

 Pixar card, from US.

 Another Pixar card from US,

 Sunrise card, from US.

 Nice art card, from Belarus. "Flowers and Fruit", artist I believe is I. Khrutski.

 Cartoon drawing, from Belarus.

 A favorite this week, from a friend in Colorado, US. Thanks, Cindi!

 From Russia.

 Sesame Street card, from Netherlands.

From Russia, "Cat House".

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