Postcards, Wednesday 8/7

Been on vacation, so I'm a bit behind!

 From Russia, art by Ilya Repin.

 Views from Poland.

 From Ukraine. The colonnade is a part of Vorontsov palace.

 Views from Wroclaw in Poland.

 From Russia, Assumption Cathedral from the eastern side.

 From Russia.

From Germany, a view of Riedering.

 From Japan. Dome of A-Bomb, Hiroshima. Received on the day the bomb was dropped!

 Horses in the snow, from Germany.

A favorite this week, from China. Bowl with playing children in underglaze blue and red. Wanli Reign, Ming Dynasty.

 From China.

 From US, nice view from Yosemite.

 Night view of Victoria Harbour, from Hong Kong.

 The Astor House Hotel, from China.

A second favorite in this post, from US.

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