Postcards, Saturday 8/17

Had no computer for most of the past week. Otherwise I would have posted these earlier in the week.

 Drawing of Minsk, from Belarus.

 I believe the sender of this card took this photo of a cat on a roof, from Poland.

 Cartoon card, from Belarus.

 Drawing by Katya Dudnik, from Ukraine.

 Sunrise, from Taiwan.

 Chameleon, from Japan.

 Sylvester & Tweety, from US.

 Cinderella's carriage, from Russia. Art done by a 10-year old child.

 Cute photograph, from China.

 Night view of Bonn, from Germany.

 From Netherlands, a coffee shop.

 "Le Chat Noir", from Netherlands.

 From Austria.

A favorite this week. Yoshkin Cat, from Russia.

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