Postcards Sunday 7/21

The monitor for our computer has been temperamental, so we haven't had the chance to share cards lately. I'm a bit behind!

 Baby koala from Australia.

 Moomin card from Finland.

 Bee and flower, from US.

 Popsicle card, from US.

 Wonderful card from Germany. Illustration from "Opas Engel", by Jutta Bauer. After I got this I got the book from the library. It's for children, but I enjoyed it! Worth looking for!

 Gold ring, inlaid with pearls and jewels, from Taiwan.

 Folk tale card, from Russia.

 Mama and baby giraffe, from Germany.

 My favorite this week, from US. "The Balcony", by Ertè.

 Mickey Mouse, from Hong Kong.

Couple of giraffes, from Germany.

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