Postcards Friday 4/20

 From Japan. The first day after I registered it, it got 26 likes on Postcrossing!

Bears, from Belarus.

 2 bear cards this week! This one came from Canada.

From the US. The sender is from Puerto Rico, but is in Fargo ND going to school.

Mount Song, from China.

 This card is almost twice the size of regular cards. From China, China National Pavilion.

From Russia. my favorite card of the week. A bunch of cats watching a movie.

 From Poland, a post office!

Scenic views from Germany.

From Taiwain. The sender didn't say what this is a picture of, but the view looks Italian to me. Anyone know?

Nice windmill card from the Netherlands.

From Russia, the vestibule of the metro station, Komsomolskaya.

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