suzie kozik

my cousin, from chicago. brookfield, to be exact. she's a couple years younger than me, but we enjoyed each other's company when we had the chance to get together. we kept up a long distance relationship through letters while in our teen years. i visited her for a week before i went into college, and we had a great time sharing music by elton john and sparks. then after that, we lost touch. i've tried to get back in touch with her, but have had no luck. i think her last name now is smith....sue smith is a bit too common to search for with google. i briefly got in touch with her parents, but they stopped writing after 2 emails. it saddens me to think that relatives want nothing to do with you. and it's not just her and her family. after my mom died when i was 15, i kept in touch with her side of the family till i was 19 or 20.....after that, it's like i didn't exist to any of them.

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