Purple Hat


From that skein of purple fuzzy yarn I got 2 hats made. One I gave to one of my teachers at work, the other is for charity. And I still have enough yarn for at least one more hat!
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The great thing about this yarn is that is hides the seam very well!

Got some yarn sold on eBay this week. I need to get more organized for photos and unload some more. What will I do with the money? Well, it goes for more yarn of course! I have so much acrylic stuff, and want to get more wool. So I am trying to not buy anything until I've sold at least $200 worth of yarn. Think I'm about at the half way mark.

Been lazy with blogging. Well, not lazy as much as I've had other stuff consuming my spare time. Sorry! Wll try to get back on track by the end of the month.

Went to Hobby Lobby today, and only got some needles and a stitch guide booklet. Got bamboo needles, size 10 and plastic ones, size 8. The bamboo ones are nice and quiet, and warm. I like the metal ones, but they can be cold and noisy.

Discovered the joys of Netflix! If you like watching movies and tv shows on dvd, I highly recommend them. Since we've been here, Gary and I have been enjoying The Red Green Show. It's on PBS, and is very amusing!!

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