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Here is a hat and scarf I made this week. It's Velvet Spun by Lion Brands, and the set only used 2 skeins! Hat has a cute top knot on it, and the texture of the yarn helps hide the seam.

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I took this photo a couple weeks ago. The blue/green stuff is the blanket for Bien. This is hiding in a corner of our living room. Amazingly enough, the cats don't play with it!

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Snapped a surprise shot of Gary, while he was watching tv. That's a rally monkey on the futon with him, and the squirrel on that desk is something he found at work. I don't like the print on that blanket on the futon, but the cats love it, so we kept it. Thanks Brianna!
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And, last but not least.....goodies in the mail!!!! Found most of these by the front door after work on Friday, and one I received earlier in the week.

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First off, on the far right is the yarn I won by naming a goldfish! I plan on using it to make a scarf. Thanks Holly!!!!

The rest of the lovelies is from the gal I was a secret pal to, Melissa. I thought I was to spoil her, not vice versa!! She was much too kind! Melissa sent me 2 skeins of Hush yarn by Berroco (scarf!!). Love the colors!!! Then some cute notecards and a fun deck of playing cards shaped like sandals. And the best part was the stitch markers which she made. I tried to hold them up, but the picture is not the best of them. It's a set of 5, 3 with lime green beads and 2 with beads and charms on them that say 'dream' and 'believe'. Very thoughtful of you, Melissa.....thank you sooooo much!!

At work we had our monthly evaluations, and for my first one I got over 93%. They monitor our calls and grade them on information given and how it was given. Then, if you rake in enough $$, you then get a bonus. So if I keep up the good phone skills, and gather the cash, I could get up to $500 in a bonus. First month you don't get the bonus only because it's impossible to get. But the 2nd and 3rd months are easier, since you are building on what you collect (we try to get folks to set up payments for 3 months).

Sold some yarn on eBay this weekend. Right now I have over $150 in yarn sales, hopefully more coming in on Sunday! It's hard to organize it into lots, then photograph it....time consuming! But I want to weed out most of the acrylic stuff. I will keep the Red Heart since I can use it for afghans for charity, but the rest has to go. And I did place 2 orders last night, one at Knit Picks, the other at Littleknits. Will share pics when the yarn arrives!

Sorry to not post more during the week but I still have something else going on that is taking up too much time. I hope to have that over and done with by next week, so I can post more during the week, and not just on weekends.

And Brianna has some cashmere yarn she got for me, but hasn't yet mailed. Is that cruel or what????

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