bri knits!!

another week half done! haven't been doing much packing, but i do have plenty of empty boxes taking up space!

bri and evelyn came by work yesterday. bri now wants to learn to knit! so she went to get needles (or sticks, as she calls them) and some yarn. a scarf in garter stitch should be challenging enough for her. she got some homespun yarn, which has enough variety in it so she won't get too bored. it was hard to show her while evelyn was demanding attention, but it seems bri got the hang of it. i'll be very proud of her if she finishes the scarf!

now bien wants a blanket like the pink one i made for evelyn, so i'll be working on that for him. no rush....i can always mail it to them. am trying to make that little knit top for evelyn. i have one of her onesies here, so i can use the size as a guide. maybe i can finish it by next week. still working on the shorts, too! my other projects are packed away.

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