3rd post today! 1/11

And yet I still have more cards. This is what I get for being lazy!

 Breakfast foods, from China.

 From Russia. Looks like a home for Fairies.

 Giraffe, from Russia.

 From Germany.

 Propaganda card, from Russia.

 MC Escher card, from Netherlands. Perfect card for 'birds & fish" month!

 From Taiwan. Can you see the flying fish?

 From Germany

 Hummingbird, from Russia.

 Holiday card, from Switzerland.

 From Germany, cute little house.

 From Netherlands, Eurovision card.

 From Czech Republic.

 Sand Castle contest, from US.

 From a friend in the US.

The Bedford Museum, from US.

 From the US, the dogs belong to the sender of this card.

My favorite in this post, from a friend in the US. I love strange cards!

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