More postcards for today! Wednesday, 10/22

 Cute kitten card, from Romania.

 From the US, Cowboys Stadium.

 Nice view, from Australia.

 Couple of adorable kittens, from South Korea.

 From US, "California Poppy Field", by Granville Redmond.

 From New Zealand, photo taken by the sender.

 Tranquil view, from China.

 From Japan,it's a garden at the Adachi Museum of Art. Love the colors, a fave today.

 Great old card, from US. It's the Buffalo City Hall.

 From Hong Kong, a nice pattern card.

 Alisal Road, from US. Been here many times!

 Cute cartoon card, from Belarus.

 State map card, from US.

First card we've received from Liechtenstein!

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