summertime blues

so i went to the dmv today, to see if i could renew my drivers license. adoption papers dont cut it with them, so now i'm going to see how easy or hard it is to get my birth certificate. 1st problem is trying to do it long distance, 2nd problem is hoping they will release the papers to me. if not, this will be a MAJOR headache. you have to bring in all types of ID to prove who you are. a hassle for those of us legal citizens, easy to come up with fake documentation for illegals and criminals. why don't they just put microchips in our head someplace, and use that for ID. i wouldn't mind, and it would make my life much easier.

i cant find the disc that came with our scanner. since we had it fixed, i just noticed the scanner is no longer connected to the computer. i have photos to upload (download?) to the computer via scanner. i think we may just go buy a new scanner/printer.

work sucked yesterday. i was relieved when 5pm came! had today off, and even tho i couldn't renew my license at least i WAS able to get new tags for our vehicles! one less thing i need to do this summer.

summertime blues


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whosmydaddy said...

It would be easier if they could just scan our retinas or put in microchips. I mean, if it's good enough for our cats and dogs...

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