Finally Friday

had the day off. took polly to the vet to get her 6 stitches removed. she had them in for 2 weeks, on her side, and she didn't bother them at all. very good girl!

had to finish the xmas shopping i'll be doing this year. about half the gifts will be sent in january or february, so i didn't have to get much. the apartment complex we live in collects toys for a local agency, so i got toys & books for that. christmas is for sharing, and i like to share with those in need. i also picked up a few things for trixie & bruno, and for gary. now i have to dig out the xmas cards and get them mailed on monday.

another blizzard warning for tomorrow night. i have to work tomorrow in the morning, so i hope any bad weather waits till after 1 pm!

and gas is now under $1.30 a gallon here in town! it went down 10 cents a gallon over night!

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Brianna said...

I saw gas in our new neighborhood (cheaper than in LA if you can believe that) for $1.65. I'm just happy that it's under $2.

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