Clean up

i've been looking all over our small apartment (not many hiding places) for some yarn i have. it's to finish an afghan, and i can't find it. so i decided to do a cleaning out of my yarn bins, and i tossed out all the yucky acrylic yarns i had (except for some red hear). i also tossed out projects i started years ago, and left-over yarns. i tried to organize my yarn, and i got rid of 2 bins worth of yarn! now gary has a bin to store his magazines in, and i have storage space for some afghans. i still didn't find the debbie bliss yarn i was looking for, but i have 2 more bins to look through. i really have no idea where the stuff went. but it felt good to go through and thin the stash. i kept some yarn for a co-worker. it's a yarn i know she likes, so i'm hoping she can use it.

no christmas for us this year. polly (one of the cats) had a mole on her side that had to be removed, and that cost over $350. i have to take her to get the stitches out this friday, and it's not going to be fun getting her in the travel box! she's been very good, though, and hasn't tried to pull at the stitches. very good girl!

the day after thanksgiving we went to see nine inch nails at a local arena. my 3rd time to see them, gary's first. i wasn't sure if he'd like them, but he says it was a great show, and he wished they would have played another hour. they were playing over 2 hours, and it was a great show! we were in the balcony, about 60 feet or so from the stage. we were in the 2nd row, to the right of the front of the stage. VERY close! i wish more acts would come to town!

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