Postcards, Wednesday 11/9/11

And if you stumble upon my blog, please leave a comment so I know someone was looking (besides my daughter!)
pretty forest card from USA.

 from Germany.

nice orange cat from Taiwan.

a Snoopy card from Finland.

from Portugal. I had admired this card in someone's collection, and they sent me a blank card. Then a year or so later I got this one as an official card. Love it!

from Russia. They have some beautiful churches!

 candy hearts from The Netherlands.

from The Philippines,

 a train from Taiwan.

from the USA.


Lela said...

I visit your blog, just don't have time to comment. You've received lovely postcards! :)

PostMuse said...

I usually read your blog via Google Reader on my iPhone, and it is often impossible to comment because I don't always have the best network connection. In fact, I was quite sure I had commented on this post three days ago, and just discovered the comment never went through. Connection probably timed out.

Trix said...

Ja ja, ik ben er nog steeds ;-))
Yes, I'm still here!

I should be (rubber)stamping Artist Trading Cards for a swap right now, but I love to look at all your wonderful postcards.

greetings, Trix

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