happy new year

a new year, and again, no resolutions. i quit making them over 25 years ago. why put the stress on yourself?
i saw in another blog the idea of writing briefly about someone that's been in your life. i'd like to do it daily, but i'd have to keep track of who i mentioned......and again, it's a source of stress.
so i'll try to do it often as i can. i also want to put something good, happy, positive in every post.

we got another humidifier today, this one for the bedroom. the air in here is so dry in the winter.

today's bit of good: gary finished reading 'marley and me', and we both are glad we didn't go see the movie. we need to see it privately in our home, alone. so when it's on dvd we'll rent it, each watching it alone so we can cry our eyes out.

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