Time to vote!

The voting has started for cutest cat, so please go to http://www.thedietdiary.com/blog/lucia/325 and vote for Polly!! That photo at the voting site is not the best one of her but I have better ones in other posts here at my blog.

Today at work we actually made some calls! First one I was sooo nervous! I'm not afraid of talking with the people, but we have to be sure we get certain information, say things a certain way, and convince them to give us money NOW....all in a pleasant way of course. Seems impossible to master right now, but I think after a few days of practice I won't be calling out for help so often. But, so far I like the job and the people there.

I really like South Dakota!!!!!!!

Gary got a call back from the folks at Coca-Cola, so tomorrow he has an interview set up. If all goes well he'll quit his present job (mostly helping folks move) and go work for Coke.

Finally heard from my Secret Pal. I got a gift certificate for Amazon.com, and I should be getting Interweave magazine starting in October!!! WOO WOOO!!! Thank you secret pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Brianna said...

How often can I vote? I voted once and tried to vote again but it said "sorry, you already voted".

Brianna said...

There are a MILLION computers at work which I could be voting at....but unfortunately it's a restricted webpage :(

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