Today was our test at work. Tomorrow we'll probably get the results, but I'm fairly confident I passed it. I think they need you to get 80% right.

Over the weekend we went to Spearfish and took the scenic route throught he canyon. Beautiful! I hear it's a great drive in the fall when the colors change, so we'll have to return in a couple months.

If I could load photos tonight, this is where a nice photo of the canyon would be. I tried using Blogger's photo tool....nothing showed up. Then I tried Photobucket.....again nothing. The photos gods are against me. I've been trying to share a photo for over a half hour now, and it's time to get off the computer. But maybe tomorrow after work I can work on the photo issue. I also took some photos of the knitting that's been done, including a rather fugly blanket for the cats. It's a varigated yarn in white, green and gold.....FUGLY!!!!! But the cats are color blind, and they don't care.

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