Postcards, Wednesday 4/5

The cards are piling up, so I'm going to try to make 2 or 3 posts today.

 From the US, Union Terminal in Cleveland.

 Beautiful card from Ukraine. View of the peak Ai Petri, Crimea.

 Ad card from Russia.

 From Brazil, from their local zoo.

 From Taiwan.

 Reprint of an old ad, from Germany.

 From Ukraine, "Mary Poppins", by Galina Zinko.

 From the US, an old Corona Typewriter.

 Cute ginger kittens, from Poland.

 A favorite in this post, from Russia. "Another Day", by Denis Ichitovkin.

 From Switzerland.

 This one almost was my fave.....From a friend in North Dakota. Cute reprint of an old card.

 An original old card, a young Abe Lincoln courting Ann Rutledge, from North Dakota also.

 And a third card from ND, this of North Lindström Lake in Minnesota.
Last, a nice card from Barcelona. From Spain.

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