Postcards, Friday 12/24

 Map card, from Netherlands.
 From China.

 Nice autumn scene, from US.

 Nice card from Russia.

 Scenic map card, from Germany.

 Postal Museum card, from Taiwan.

 Beautiful art card from Russia. "Cathedral of Christ the Savior & the Patriarshy Bridge"

 "Donna in preghiera", by Francesco Raffaele, from Hungary.

 Amusing card from Canada.

 Photos of Hamburg, from Germany.

 Art by Clara Wells.  From Russia

 Funny card from a friend in the US. thanks, Diane!

 "Nurse's Bicycle", from Malaysia.

 My favorite in this post. A vintage card from a friend in the US. Thanks Brigette!

European Union flag card, from Czech Republic.

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Salt Chunk Monkey said...

Great Postcards!! Happy New Year Red Queen! From Alaska!

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