Postcards, Friday 12/23

 Art by Grzegorz Chudy, from Ireland.

 View of Prague, from Poland.

 Beautiful night view of Jelgava, from Latvia.

 A view of St. Thomas, from my sister in the US.

 Balloons near Berlin in 1908. From Germany.

 My favorite in this post. From Germany.

 A sailboat, from Finland.

 Handmade card, from the US. Ursa major?

 Colorful card from Russia.

 Nice map card, from Germany.

 Another card from my sister in the US. This one she got while in Puerto Rico.

 Terra-cotta warriors, from China.

 Image on a local building in Germany. It's on a restaurant called 'The Oxen".

 Nice card from the US.

Monument to Peter the Great, from Russia.

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