Postcards Saturday 7/4, part 2

 Vintage card from a friend in the US.

 Tourist card from Netherlands.

 National Aquatics Center,from China.

 Comic art, from US.

 Fairy tale art, from China.

 A favorite in this post, from a friend in the US. "Portrait of Mrs Edward L. Davis & Her Son Livingston Davis", by John Singer Sargent.

 A Where's Waldo card, from Netherlands.

 From Taiwan.
 Changchun Cultural Square, from China.

 From a friend in the US.

 Art card, from Taiwan.

 Another card from Taiwan.

 Awonderful card from a friend in the US. Love the cats!

 From my mom. She let me know they enlarged this store. It's full of candy! From the US.

Card from Russia, The sender let me know it's very rainy in that city. Must be like Seattle!

1 comment:

Randine Dodson said...

I've been to Jim's Apple Farm - good selection of salt water taffy. The Sargent postcard was my favorite too - glad you liked it!

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