Postcards, Sunday 8/19

Toy Story 2 card from the US.

 Beautiful card from China.

 Wonderful handmade card from Netherlands.

 From Poland, Old Town Mermaid, in Warsaw.

 Cartoon card from Russia.

Pretty flowers from Latvia.

 Beautiful card of Venice, from Italy. Thank you, Micio!

 From Poland, Grunwaldzki Bridge at night.

From China, Giant Pink Wall at Jinhu.

 Cute card from China.

 So beautiful it almost looks fake. Church of the Resurrection in St. Petersburg.

 A festive card from Germany. Hard to see, but it has glitter on it.

 From Russia, The Mira Square.

From the US, a "Where's Waldo" card.

 Art card from Turkey. the title of the piece is 'The Bosphorus".

3-D card from the US. The sender is a clown in the circus!

 Pretty card from Netherlands.

 From Taiwan.

 From Great Britain. The card was bought in Poland, her native country.

From the US. The sender is from China, but is studying in the US.

From Netherlands, the card is made of wood!

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