postcards, Saturday 11/19

I'm not picky about cards I get. I'm really not. BUT, she has sent out over a thousand cards, regular postcards, and I get a blue piece of paper, not even a drawing on it. The real killer is, she works at the Smithsonian, which has AMAZING postcards!! I was dumbfounded by this 'card'. The other side just had my address, and her return address. If you can't send a real card, don't bother. Wait till you can afford to buy a card, or make your own and DECORATE it.

from Germany.

from Argentina. Very colorful!

 a pyramid of wine glasses from Germany.

From the Czech Republic.

Map card from China.

From the USA, Disneyland.

A cat from Japan.

From The Netherlands.

Pretty pink candy card from Germany.

My 2nd one like this from China.

From Switzerland.

Lazy cat from The Netherlands.

From Korea.

From Finland.

From Poland.

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PostMuse said...

I suspect Meg sent the handwritten note because she understood your profile to mean you would not really want Smithsonian postcards since she probably considers them touristy and wanted to send you something you would enjoy.

Her note is very nice. I have many, many thousands of postcards and many of them are just "hello ... I am from XYZ, and this card is of XYZ" and that's it. When I get a postcard in any form that has some personal information, I am more likely to enjoy the message and care not one bit about the card itself. In fact, if I ever got a postcard like this one, I'd probably ask Meg for her address when I registered the card so I could write back. I bet she has some wonderful stories to tell about the Smithsonian.

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