Christmas, part 2

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From Becky I got the stack of Godiva bars and the gel pen, which I love! From the brat, I got various notecards, post-its and an address book.

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From the brat I got some cotton Cascade yarn and a bunch of hersheyets in candy canes. All this chocolate (because of the diabetes) should last me at least 6 months!
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From Becky I got this Curious George sleep set. Very cute!!

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And from the brat I got this cute purse. I don't want to use it till the winter is over.....snow gets on my purse, and it leaves stains. Don't want to ruin this one yet!!
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And the last photo, some soft pink yarn from the brat, more notecards,a pair of socks, and a cute checkbook cover.

Xmas is over, and so is the New Year festivities. All was quiet here last night.No noise in the neighborhood when the clock struck midnight. Gary went to bed around 10, and by 12:15 I was ready to sleep....though the cough didn't let me sleep for awhile. I've got some kind of cold which is mostly in my throat. More annoying than anything else.


rayleen said...

That's a Chococat purse...I LOVE CHOCOCAT! :)

I like your Curious George PJ's too. Looks like you got a lot of good loot!

Anonymous said...

Adorable stuff! I love that purse! Snow getting on your purse, huh? That never happened in southern CA, did it? Ha!

Love Ya! Diane

cookiecatland! said...

ooh lucky you!!!!i love chococat and sanrio stuff!!!!!aarrgghhhh!!!
these are sooo cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

way cute stuff....
nice eye candy you are so lucky
i would love to know where ur friend got that purse
as 4 the candy i know i have a 5.5 year old whose been diabetic since she was 2.5 years....

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