Thanks Secret Pal!

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Badly photographed,but in the photo above you can see the Piglet pez, pink yarn, needle holder and the fantastic Lantern Moon needles I got from my secret pal, Jane. I am in love with those needles!!! The sound they make when I click them together is music to my ears.

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This set of magnets is also from Jane. 9 cute cat magnets, which you can see I already have on the fridge!

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And last but not least is the other yarn she sent. I made the hat that was on the yarn band (the pattern was, that is), and I still had left-over yarn! I had to modify the pattern, since it was turning out too big. Ended up with a kinda point top, so I may break down and make a pompom to put on top, and give it to Evelyn. Thanks for everything, Jane!!! And, I used the gift certificate to get some yarn at Knit Pixie.....photo of that upcoming after I get new batteries for the camera.

Gary was sick today, in bed with what is probably the flu. Just hope I don't get it! I figure if I don't get it by Tuesday I'm safe.

Took the first diabetes class last Tuesday, and the next class is this Tuesday. We had to test our blood sugar 6 times a day this past week and keep track of the carbs we eat. My blood pressure is down, almost what the doctor wants it to be. The other day I got one of those pill boxes to help keep track of my meds. I am officially an old lady!


krazybarrister said...

you're welcome! i think i may just have to go back and get myself a pair of those needles too! it's been fun!

K said...

Jane was my SP for SP5. She pretty much rocks the house, doesn't she? :)

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