From my Secret Pal

Got some wonderful and fun items from my secret Pal, Lauren this past week. In this photo we have a little book on chocolate (yum!!), some sock yarn from Knit Picks, stitch holders and some bamboo dpn. The cat was not in the box!
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Here are 2 books she had for me, one on how to make socks, and the other is Knit Lit. I plan on reading the Knit Lit at work during breaks.
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And finally we have an adorable soft bunny (also going to work with me!), some small candles that smell great, and a tiara!!
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Thank you sooo much Lauren for all the wonderful things you sent to me these past 3 months. I do hope your SP treated you to some great surprises, too!!


Brianna said...

So are you going to make me some socks? Maybe you should start out small by making Evelyn a pair of socks :)

Lauren (your ex-secret pal) said...

Don't worry, socks are super easy after you've made it through the first one. I had no clue how to do them before SP5 and my secret pal sent me a starter kit... turns out all you have to do is follow the pattern (even when it looks funny) and voila! Sockage!
Glad you enjoyed the goodies :)

Anonymous said...

and here comes round 6 ... looking forward to reading your blog and figuring out how best to spoil ya ... oh, and watching your sock progress of course! just wanted to pop in and say hello ...

your sp, this go-around.

rayleen said...

My advice when making socks is to work on both socks at the same time. Do the ankle in one, then the ankle in the other, then the heel in one, then the heel in the other, then the foot...well you get the picture. Of course this means you'll need two sets of needles, but believe me, it's worth it! This way you can avoid SSS...Second Sock Syndrome!! I make all my socks this way after I made "Marge," a mateless sock that I just can't bring myself to pair up. *sigh* Poor Marge...she's going to be a lonely, lonely sock.

Can't wait to see your socks!

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