Kitchen disaster

Saturday morning I had some fun. Was my day off,Gary was going to be gone at work part of the day, the place to myself and knitting to be done. So what started off my day? Well, instead of retyping the whole story I'll cut and paste some of the email I sent to my friend Becky:

oh, amusing story for you, then i better run to bed. this morning i put on the saucepan full of water to heat up for my coffee. put it on the back burner (glass cuttingboard was on the front of the stove), then turned on the burner. waited for water to heat up. i usually only turn it to a medium setting, so it can take 5 minutes to heat up. i got online (stove next to my desk), walked thru the kitchen to go to bathroom, thought i smelled popcorn (figured it was a neighbor), sat down after i saw water still not hot, then a few minutes later ***BOOM****** the cutting board exploded into at least 300,000 pieced of glass. and that stuff flew all over the place. i had turned on the front burner (like i do every morning, but this time the pot was on the back burner!) i'm lucky none got on me. some even ended up under my desk, in my purse, in the hallway. and the glass that fell on the kitchen floor? well, some of it was so hot that it melted the flooring! i had to scrap it up with a knife after it cooled down. took me over an hour to sweep and vacuum, and a few pieces even melted onto the carpet! luckily i wasn't standing in the kitchen, ready to check my water, and also lucky that the cats weren't in there. i feel like an idiot.

Doesn't that sound the start of a great day??? No photos were taken, I was in shock about the whole mess until I was half-way through sweeping it up.And then I was too hot and sweaty to want to deal with a camera.

We went out yesterday to the mall. I had to get some jeans, and we also got a new cutting board, this time a granite one. Gary also got some tools he needed for work, and we got the first season of "Dead Like Me" on DVD. I ordered the 2nd season through y DVD club.

I am unloading excess yarn on eBay. I have stuff to sort through, but plan to sell off much of the acrylic in the coming weeks. If you or someone you know needs some inexpensive yarn, please take a look at what I have. You can find me under Karyn57ca on eBay.


Brianna said...

I didn't even know that cutting boards were even made from glass. You definetely won't see that in my house. I'd break the darn thing, for sure.

Sara said...

omigosh!! sooooo glad you and kitties are ok!

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