Happy Birthday To Me

Today is the day I turn 48. YIKES!!!! Sounds old, but I don't feel that old. Gary has already left for work, so I have most of the day to myself. Brianna has sent something, so I need to be home when mail is delivered, and if it doesn't come in the mail, I'll have to stick around for UPS. And UPS could come anytime of the day. I was only planning on going to the bookstore to get a book, but I can do that tomorrow. Becky, my bestest friend in the world since 10th grade (you do the math....we've been together longer than most married people!) sent me some mad money for my birthday, so I can treat myself to a book, some yarn, and new clothes.

No birthday cake, but I may make chocolate chip cookies later on. A grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, maybe grilled burgers for dinner with tater tots.


Holly said...

Yum...I do love my tater tots! Hey, Happy Birthday!!!! I'll be 48 this year, too!

Brianna said...

Happy Birthday mom!!!! Hope you get your package today.

La Cabeza Grande said...

The happiest of birthdays, Karyn! Sorry I remembered one day late, but I believe that such celebrations should span at least a week :-)

Karen aka LaCabeza Grande

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Karyn,
I was holding out a little so that you can enjoy your birthday longer. BTW my F-I-L is right now in Custer, celebrating the birthday of his S-I-L (guess when: July 16.) I was supposed to come too but something came up.
Hope you had lots of fun

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