If any of my regular readers (or if you have a blog I frequent) want my address, please send me an email requesting it. When I put my address in my profile I didn't think it would show up on the page like it did!

Work is going okay so far. Soooo much to know!

Looks like Gary has to work on my birthday, so I'll be home alone most of the day. *sigh* Like I said, happy frickin' birthday to me......this sucks!

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Brianna said...

That sucks about Gary working on your birthday. Just celebrate on Sunday. sounds like that would be a good time to BBQ! Let me know when you get your B-day package. Hopefully that will brighten up your day :)

I got your package yesterday, Thanks mom!!!! I'll take pictures tonight of my treasures to post on my blog. I have so many needles now :) And cool yarn!!

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