soaker done!

Finished the soaker today. It looks big in some areas (waist to crotch) and small in others (leg holes). Will see if it fits Evelyn this weekend.

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I hated sewing it up, but was glad to have it finished.

Been hot here lately. Was over 80 today....I even had to turn the a/c on. Decided since we're leaving on Sunday I better start packing! So I got some undies, socks, and t-shirts put into the suitcase. Sinca we are going by 2 vehicles we won't have to squeeze everything into the trunk of Iris. Have to take some knitting with me, too!

I already checked into banks in the Rapid City area, and it seems most have free checking available. Gary wants to get his own account, so maybe we should each have one, then have one for the bills with both our names on it. Will bring this up with him and see how it sounds. I am sooooo looking forward to being out of Los Angeles!!!!

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