Postcards, Monday 8/7, 3rd bunch of cards

Last group of the day!

 Kuala Lumpur, from Malaysia.

 Easter Greetings, from Finland.

 Nice sepia postcard, from Germany.

 Art card, from Japan.

 From Russia.

 From my sister in the US. A favorite in this post. This shows some of the 1,446 items that removed, in a 1929 surgery, from a woman's stomach.

 The Queen's Head, Yehliu. From Taiwan.

 "Rain" 2010, made of bronze & glass. From Ukraine.

 From Malaysia.

 Nice card from Belarus.

 "The Holy Family" by Agnolo Bronzino. From Russia.

 The card is from the Cairo Egyptian Museum, sent from France.

 "Street Vendors, Post au Prince, Haiti" by Loïs Mailou Jones. From the US.

 "End of the Trail" by James Earl Fraser. From the US.

Ocean City Museum, from the US.

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