Postcards, Friday 10/28

 Dutch treats, from Netherlands.

 Tequila card, from Czech Republic.

 Vintage style card, from Russia. St. Isaac's Pontoon Bridge & the Senate Square.

 From Spain, the view of the card changes when you look at it, so it's hard to scan it.

 A church & a mosque, from Russia.

 The Gold Tower & the Cathedral, from Spain.

 Art card, from the US.

 Nice card of old phones, from Russia.

 A wooden card, from Czech Republic. One side started to split, but it's still in one piece.

 From Germany, a favorite in this post. These homes are wonderful!

 A rhino, from Germany.

A card to color, from Russia.

1 comment:

Salt Chunk Monkey said...

Cool wooden card! I love the old phones and the changing orange. Also, the vintage Russian card!

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