Postcards, Friday 3/18

Dreadfully behind. Big pile of postcards to put on the blog.

Let's get started!

 From Taiwan.

 Amusing card from Canada.

 Another card from Canada. Marilyn Monroe & Robert Mitchum stayed there
 filming a movie in 1954.

 Artistic card, from Great Britain.

 A favorite in this set, from Japan.

 From Poland. The sender said it says on the front, "We are all so weird".

 From Belarus. The person that took the photos sent me the card. Thank you, Olga!

 From Germany.

 From Belgium.

 Disney card, from Taiwan.

 I love this card, too. The black & white cat reminds me of Twinkle Toes, my cat I had & loved dearly when I was 11 to 21. From South Korea.

From Finland.

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