Postcards, Saturday 11/28

Long overdue!! Have some catching up to do.

 Giraffes, from Czech Republic.

 Ariel, from the US.

 Town Hall, from Belarus.

 Rotterdam, from Netherlands.

 Walking nuns, from Belgium.

 "Crocodile Ghena", from Russia.

 Grasshoppers, from Germany.

 Man making bath whisks, from Finland.

 Skipper Thomas Harris, of the Salvation Army, from Great Britain.

 Prague, from Czech Republic. A favorite in this post.

 Sunset on Mobile Bay, from US.

 Pretty view from Ukraine.

 Anne Taintor card, from Belgium.

 From Spain.

 From Slovenia.

 Funny card, from Germany.

 From Russia.

 "Roots", from US.

 Zoo card, from Netherlands.

 Elderly Irish woman at a spinning wheel, from Russia.

A garden in Prague, from Czech Republic.

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