Postcards, Sunday 6/15 Part 2

 A favorite in this post, from Netherlands.

 From Germany, a house being moved.

 Comic card, from US.

 Airport card, from Hong Kong.

 Funny cat card, from Russia.

 Multiview card, from Hong Kong.

 Business cat, from Russia.

 Letterbox queue, from Lithuania.

 Movie card, from Greece.

 And another movie card, from Germany.

 Fauna of Belarus card, from Belarus.

 From Belarus, Chygunachny Station.

 Map card, from Taiwan.

 From a friend in the US, Native Indian Tribes map card.

 From Japan, a water color card.

 Handmade card, from a friend in the US. Amusing to me, because my husband's name is Gary.

 Old car, from the Ukraine.

Disney concept art, from Hong Kong.

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