Postcards Sunday 4/19

Working overtime has taken it's toll on my spare time. Gary is napping, and I'm waiting for a call back from an  insurance agent, so I'm taking the time now to post more cards!

 From US.

 A card of Germany, from Russia.

 Art card, from Japan.

 Saint Dominique Temple, from Mexico.

 VW card from China.

 A favorite today, from Portugal.

 "Donald's Camera", from Germany.

 Lounging cats, from Netherlands.

 Pink rubber duckies, from Great Britain.

 "Duo Tones" by Jeremy Dickinson, from UAR.

 From Czech Republic, a view of Brno.

 Some hot air balloons, from Russia.

 From Taiwan, Maple Garden.

 The Big Duck, from US

Pretty mailboxes, from France.

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