Postcards, Thursday, 2/19

Not a postcard, but the last photo of me with my car. She was totaled on Tuesday mornng, no idea when I will get a replacement. I'm not a happy camper...even though I'm smiling in the photo, but except for alot of bruising and a swollen knee and hand I'm okay. The other driver was at fault, and she wasn't hurt. Figures.

Anyway, on with the cards!
 Teacup with flowers, from Netherlands.

 From US, "The Serenade:.

 A favorite today, from a friend in the US.

 From a friend in the US, who sent this while on vacation in Turks & Caicos.

 From Poland, a few views of Klodzko.

From Germany.

 Cute napping kitten, from Russia.

 Dinosaur, from Australia.

 This is a long card, from Germany. Lovely lotus flower.

 Pretty azaleas, from US.

 Coffee cup, from US.

From Netherlands.

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