Postcards, Wednesday 5/28

I am now working 10-hour days, sometimes 11 hours, and I only have so much relaxing time. Thus I'm behind with posting these. Maybe I can get caught up by the weekend!

 Art card from Russia.

 Beautiful leopard in a tree, from South Africa.

 A poultry couple, from Ukraine.

 Yoda, from Russia.

 Trinity Cathedral, from Belarus.

 From Great Britain, it's the interior of the Round Reading Room.

 From Belarus.

 A poppy field, from Ukraine.

 From a friend in Germany.

 Beautiful sunset from Russia.

 Nice card from Russia.

 A princess and her unicorn, from Germany.

 Sheep, from Germany. Looks like he's ready for a haircut!

 Warsaw at night, from Poland. This is the Palace of the Culture & Science.

 One of two favorites today, this is from Netherlands.

 From Singapore.

My second favorite today, a Jetoy cat, from China.

1 comment:

Randine said...

I would like to visit that Round Reading Room.

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