Postcards, Thursday 5/1

Behind, once again. Maybe I can get caught up this long weekend!

 Great photo of the Flatiron Building, from US.

 Nice b&w card from China.

 From Russia, an older image. Nice card, and it had some great stamps on it.

Handmade card from Netherlands.

 From Belarus.

 Disney Princesses from Czech Republic.

 From Great Britain, "Bringing Down the Moon" by Vanessa Cabban.

 A strong guinea pig, from Netherlands.

 From US, a card from Indais, Five Rathas, Mahabalipuram.

 Nice peacock card from US.

 Kangaroos, from Austalia.

 From Great Britain, "Bulldog", by Beverley Edge.

 From Germany, a nice flower.

My favorite today, from US.

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