Postcards, Sunday 11/3

 If you look carefully, you can see this is an Alice in Wonderland card.  From Russia.

 Nautical card, from Russia.

 From Russia, Emperor Nicholas II near the Triumphal Arch, 1913.

 From Russia.

 Some kind of creepy crawly bug, from China.

 Nice views from Portugal.

 A favorite today, from Germany. If you click on the image you can see more details, like the nose.

 The sender had her granddaughter fill in the card. From US.

 From Ukraine, "Lanterns in Love".

 Some monkeys from Germany.

 Bird card, from Netherlands. Artist is Ada Rood van Zelm.

 Poffertjes, from Netherlands.

 Kenya card, from Germany. The sender was on vacation there.

 Morozko card, from Russia.

Cute card, girl with a cat in her bed, from China.

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