Postcards, Thursday 6/13

 Abraham Lincoln and his son, from a friend in US.

 Las Vegas at night, from US.

 Artistic card done by the sender, from Switzerland. He has a website, bilderstudio.ch.

 A nice older card from Belarus.

 When you tilt the card it shows Germany by day or by night. From Germany.

 "Inspektor Von Talon", artist is Matt Dinniman. From Germany. I love this series of cards. A favorite this week.

 Mickey Mouse, from Germany.

 Train stamps card, from Sweden.

 Pretty horse, from Spain.

 Nice art card, from Finland. The artist is Rudolf Koivu.

 From China, "A Bird's Eye View of Yonghegong".

Another card you tilt to see the full image. From Germany, it's the Cancer constellation.

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